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Five peak mountain road, Dagang District, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu

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Zhenjiang YuJiu intelligent equipment Limited by Share Ltd

Zhenjiang Yu Long intelligent equipment Limited by Share Ltd is a company engaged in aluminum alloy wheel industry equipment design and manufacturing company. Adhering to the pioneering and enterprising, hard-working spirit of talents from around the pool, aluminum wheel manufacturing masters, thick starting, growing more than twenty years of industry experience, formed a design, aluminum wheel special equipment of domestic first-class manufacturing capability. Let you get the whole set of production capacity and the highest profit with the least input.

The company's main products include continuous smelting furnace, aluminum ingots, aluminum scrap furnace and processing system compatible with aluminum scraps before insulation aluminum scrap melting furnace; gravity casting machine, low pressure casting machine, riser cutting machine, drilling machine, aluminum wheel center heat treatment production line, can spin blank heating furnace, double chamber mold pre heating furnace, gas tight test machine for aluminum wheel production and test equipment etc.. Company equipment to stable quality, excellent professional performance, beyond the imagination of high efficiency, won the trust and appreciation of the industry. We are pioneering and innovative as the driving force, and constantly introduce new products to improve the use of equipment performance and scope of application. We give you a reasonable price and good service. Customer service, to meet new challenges and you, with your common development.

Let us stand taller and see farther!

For a long time, we have the eternal ideal of strong ourselves and returning to society. Facing the development of China's economy, we need more rational, more scientific needs to face more intense competition, to face the challenges of higher demands, until our glory and dreams can be realized.